Dexter Industries And Generation Robots to Enter Into a Mutual Partnership

Both companies have a common history as Generation Robots was amongst the first to distribute Dexter Industries products in France and in Europe. With this mutual collaboration Generation Robots will become the exclusive reseller for Dexter Industries products in European countries and Dexter Industries will make HumaRobotics current and upcoming products available for American customers with nationwide support. "Dexter Industries and Generation Robots teams share the same passion for robotics. We have the common goal of making robots and associated technologies easily available, affordable and easy to use for people wanting to experiment with robots. We want to enable scientists, engineers and hobbyists to put together real-life applications.

We are in touch with some great minds and what we want is to bring great robot parts and sensors for them to create amazing robots! " says John Cole, founder of Dexter Industries. Jerome Laplace, CEO and founder of Generation Robots states "We have been collaborating with the team at Dexter Industries for a few years now and we definitely have many things in common. Our companies have an extensive knowledge regarding the needs and projects of hobbyists and educators. These communities are very important to us and we are committed to continue supplying innovative hardware and software to them. We grew up being the generation of computers and IT. Today's generation will be the generation of Robotics and Intelligent system. We want our children to be experts in these skills areas." For both Dexter Industries and Generation Robots, this collaboration will open the doors to new kind of collaboration as their respective R&D teams begin to collaborate on new projects. About Dexter Industries: Based in Washington, DC (USA), Dexter Industries manufactures and sells LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT compatible sensors.

Dexter Industries in an innovation driven company and released state of the art sensors and accessories and communication modules. These products are used worldwide in the classroom by educators and students and at home by hobbyists. More information on Dexter Industries can be found at About Generation Robots: Established in 2008 and Based in Bordeaux (France) Generation Robots is an established European leader for the distribution of mobile robots and related accessories to educators and hobbyists. With operations at the European leader, Generation Robots has become one of the favorite sources for creative individuals and goal oriented academics. Generation Robots partners with several European High Schools, Universities to allow More information on Generation Robots can be found at About HumaRobotics: Hosted at Generation Robots, HumaRobotics is a Research and Development initiative aiming to bring new robotics technologies at various levels. The HumaRobotics team mission is to develop innovative hardware and software and bring them to the existing community of individuals, researchers and educators looking to build robots. Subjects of interest include: embedded robotics hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Vision systems and advanced algorithms. More information on HumaRobotics can be found at